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These Productivity Hacks Can Improve Your Productivity 100%

In today’s world, everyone is running towards maximizing efficiency. Uninterrupted research is pushing the limit of machines while we are trying to maintain our productivity by enhancing our physical limit and sharpening our mental skills.

We are extremely conscious about the environment around us, but it’s a proven fact that we take less care of our body and mind while these two are the sources of all. We are discussing the best productivity hacks that can be achieved easily if we try a little bit harder. These don’t need you to pull heavy stone but a dedicated mind. Let’s find out what these are-


Pomodoro technique

It’s an ancient way to increase efficiency on a particular task. For achieving this you need to do practice the particular task as many times as you can so that it becomes a habit and if you keep doing the same thing after a few days you will experience the change- you need less time to complete the task. Try it though it may sound weird.

Learn to say “no”

productivity hacks- learn to say NO

“If you want everyone happy then don’t be a leader, sell icecream instead”- always remember this powerful word by the Steve jobs and start saying “No”. Always set your priorities and always be ready to say “NO” when you come across by the tasks which are not important enough according to your priority checklist.

The two minute rule

Go with the two minute rule, though it’s called two minute rule, it’s not related to “2 minutes”. Let me explain it a little bit. If there is any task that can be done within five minutes then don’t postpone the task, always do these kinds of tasks immediately when you get these.

Listen to music

productivity hacks- listen to music

Music is a great treasure trove for finding a little comfort while tweaking with the tasks. It provides a great relief, and it refreshes our minds and keeps ourselves out of the “thought” junk.

Batch similar tasks

When you are about to schedule or rearrange you tasks always try to make some batches. Every batch should include the similar tasks so that when we get into any batch, we can complete all the related tasks at once.

Use the urgent task matrix

Always go with some matrixes where all the tasks are arranged according to the importance. Grab the important and easy tasks first and let the tasks be completed. Once you get the momentum and then move to the harder one. But don’t waste too much time on those which are relatively harder.

Try these old school methods which are still in use with a little bit makeover.

Why Sleep is Important?

We often poke our friends and family members for laziness and sleeping. Snoozing has a lot of benefits like upliftment of our moods and boosting cardiovascular system still we have many myths around sleeping. Let’s bust these myths and find out the positive things of getting snoozed.

We will find out the points which are proved sleeping as an important part of the daily life, and there is no harm if you sometimes sleep more than you actually require.

why sleep is important

Why is sleep important?

Quality Sleep Lowers Stress & Depression

Adequate sleep makes our day long stress drip down and recharges our mind and body. It rejuvenates our minds and every cell of our body. There is a clear straight line relation of sleep with depression. Lack of sleep can cause depression, and if you drive your cars daily to commute, then it’s dangerous enough because stress and depression are the two most killer reasons behind the highway accident.

Poor Sleep can trigger obesity

Poor sleep- it can be in the form of quality or quantity may trigger obesity, and this is the reason why people stress on quality of sleeping nowadays while earlier hours of the length of sleeping was the main parameter. Short sleep duration can make you fatty anytime if you don’t control it.

Good Sleep increases concentration & Productivity

sleep increase productivity

A good night sleep can increase your productivity and focus on the work tremendously. You might have the experience before. Short sleep can trigger similar fatigue which we experience due to alcohol intoxication. Poor sleep quality can lead you to impair brain functions while good sleep can push your brains to work with focus.

Poor Sleep Quality may trigger heart issues

Another dangerous issue that sometimes becomes lethal. A heart attack is one of the common things among the poor sleepers, and if you are a chain drinker, then the problem can be worse for you.

Type II Diabetes Risk

The poor sleeping pattern may cause type II diabetes in you. Though there are a lot of confusions, recently it has been medically proved that poor sleep affected glucose metabolism and related to the pre-diabetes symptoms in the youngsters.

Improved immune system

increase immune system

If you sleep more than 8 hours, then you can be three times stronger against the common cold than those who sleep less than 7 hours in a day. This is just a study while it’s a proven fact that sleeping boosts the immune system to an extent.

Excessive anything harms, sleeping is also same though the optimum sleeping time depends on sex, age, and environment. On an average, if you sleep 8 hours then you are the person who may not have to mess a lot with the above-mentioned issues.

How to get out of lack of motivation changing daily lifestyle a bit

Motivation is a punch of positive feeling that pushes us to do something either for own profit or for someone else. But we often feel lack or motivations and start feeling negative towards doing something. If it’s happening with you also then it may shrink your creativities in your work spaces too. So we need to get out of it immediately if we start feeling something like that.

Then the million dollar question comes….. How?

There are hundreds of ways out but it’s tough to say which will work for you efficiently. Depending upon the situation the ways to get rid of “lack of motivation” vary.

Let’s talk about some easy ways that are “all-in-one” and “easy-to-follow”.

get out of lack of motivation

Don’t awake late night:

Try to follow the rule of “early to bed and early to rise”. Keep your mobile switched off and have a pin-drop-silence sleep. Our body takes proper rest after the hectic day. Get up early, for the first week you may set the alarm but after that try to get up using your biological clock.

Have stretching:

If you are not a fond of jogging then you can try stretching at home and before doing that have a glass full of fresh lime water. It helps to remove toxic elements from your digestive system.

Include lots of protein in breakfast:



Have breakfast with sufficient protein. It helps to maintain energy level and drink a lot of water which maintains PH level in blood.

Take off after an half an hour of stretch work:

If you are at your office. Pull of eyes off from computer screen in every 30 minutes. If possible have a walk for 2-3 minutes around. It refreshes our eyes and mind too. But don’t engage in too much conversation in between, it will reverse the effect.

Read success stories:

When commuting read stories of successful people and stories that you love to read. Reading is a good habit that involves our brain to think something deeply and imagine the things. It ultimately helps in creativity.

Don’t manage your time, manage your energies:

Always manage your energies. Time management is an old school thing. Try to do the easy things at first at your work space. It helps to manage the other things easily. Routine out the things to do in the next day is a good habit. Try to opt it and schedule all the things accordingly. If you are working in a long term thing then set schedule of a week with ample of free time because we don’t know when we will hit with urgency.

Try these things and you will be relieved a lot which ultimately makes your mood high and full of energies.

How to Get Back on your Daily Routine After a Sleepless Night

There are two types of sleepless nights. One that happens very rarely mostly because of stress, some overthinking and other similar things. While another one happens very commonly. If your sleepless nights are of the 2nd type, then stop reading this article now and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Becuase sleepless nights occurring everyday could be a sign of any bigger picture. So, it is better to consult a doctor as they can give you the right suggestion.

If your sleepless nights are of the first type then this is completely normal, just stop overthinking some particular things especially while going to sleep. Also, leave all your office tensions in your office and go to bed with passion.

get back to the track after a sleepless night

It is always easy to say some things than implementing and the result we end up having a bad night without sleep. After a sleepless night, the most difficult thing is to get back to the normal daily routine especially when your body constantly forces you to go to bed any given moment. This is a bad thing in itself, and we soon need to get back to the track to not spoil other days. Here are few tips that one need to get back to the daily routine.

1. Take a Hot Shower

The very first thing you need to do get back to the track is to take a shower. Don’t go for a normal shower, instead get yourself a hot shower. Hot in a sense which is tolerable by the human body. Similarly, you can also get a shower in lukewarm water. It makes you feel fresh and give you the freshness to survive the day.

2. Avoid taking a nap

I have seen people suggesting to take a quick nap of 15-20 minutes to feel fresh, but one thing that they forget is that you haven’t slept a whole night and your body urges sleep. If you take a nap, I bet you that nap won’t be 15-20 minutes. You will end up sleeping few hours which will worsen your condition. Your daily routine won’t come back by that way.

3. Keep Yourself Distract and Avoid Talking or Thinking About the Night

The more you think or talk about the night you had in that way you will always how tired you are and all those things. So better keep yourself entertain with things to avoid talking or thinking about your last night. Here are few things you can do to keep yourself busy throughout the day.


  • Go out with your friends or gf/bf– This way you will be in with some friends or that special person to talk and spend the day. The more you are engaged in things, the better you feel.
  • Watch Something– This is also great. Watching a movie, tv shows or better anime will help you to forget the exhausted night you had and lost in the cuteness of anime. Even if you don’t have any anime collection laying around your house, you can watch anime online free using free sites. Apart from anime, movies also play a significant role.
  • Go Out for a Walk– There is something with the sunshine that works magically to heal from any laziness. Tie your running shoe and hit the road. Do some round of running around the street or park. You will feel fresh.
  • Keep a Happy Face– Someone said rightly that your face expression says a lot about your feeling. But fortunately we humans are good at hiding our expressions. By keeping a better face, no one will ask you if anything is wrong and you won’t be repeating about that bad night with others.

4. Don’t Compromise With your Food and Water

After a sleepless night, we always find it hard to keep up with the food schedule and also de-hydration is a big threat. If we mismanage these two, then our body will react poorly thus causing various problems with the body.

5. Get some Strong Coffee and Tea


Even doctors suggest grabbing few cups of coffee or tea after a good gap. This will help you to feel fresh. While it is suggested to grab few cups of coffee, you should never over do that. Drinking more than advised can react exact opposite and make your body weak.

6. Try to stick to the usual bedtime

You will find it hard but you should not go to bed earlier just because your body asks for. Instead, try to the usual bedtime schedule in order to retain your daily sleep routine. If you find it hard you should keep yourself busy with other things like watching movie or anime, playing games, reading some interesting books or better read some answer on Quora.

In the end, it is all about how you manage the day after that tiring night. The best prevention is never let any night turn into sleepless night.

How to Grow Your Baby’s IQ

Babies are the messenger of God. Environment makes a vital role in the development of a baby while growing gradually. Some simple things make babies smarter. Urban parents have been leaning towards different hand-on pieces of training like an abacus, but the bitter truth is that parents are still left with many options. These neither require training nor require any special thing to opt for.

Here we are gonna discuss some vital methods that have been proven as the most significant points for babies’ IQ development. What are these? Some forgotten techniques that our grandparents used to do!


Photo Credit-

Chat him/ her up:

The first rule of interacting with babies is to start the conversation. As a parent you need to initiate the talk- the topic can be varied from the blanket to Teddy, anything. Remember one thing- bond with parents is always special as God makes it. Even from the first day baby starts interacting with the parent- it’s not always a word that matters, touches, smells, etc. are the very first things that make the bond between parents and babies. So you can start talking even while your babies can’t get response properly.

Start a conversation with sign language:

Babies can’t recognize your words while they can easily recognize your body languages. That’s why sign language conversation helps in starting a “both-end” conversation. Search “Baby sign language” online, and you will get ample of references. Don’t worry; these are very easy to follow.

Have a plenty of eye contact:

Always exchange eye contact with your babies. It improves his/ her confidence and develops the understanding ability of a situation. In current studies, it has been mentioned cleanly that nerve developments of babies start with touch and eye contact. So, don’t ignore it.

Give your babies some personal times: Don’t take your baby on your lap always. Let him/ her explore something new every day. Always give a fair attention what your baby is doing but don’t let him/ her know that you are always guarding him/ her.

Read and write together:

read and write together with your baby

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The next step of any child is education, and like everything, it also starts at home. You have to find some times for your child so that you both can have a brilliant session together. Start writing “A, B, C….” with your child and make him/ her feel stronger. It inspires too. It helps improving eye hand coordination and attention towards something. Down the line, it shapes your ability to think critically.

Try these old-fashioned yet efficient methods and let us know what your take on this write up is.

5 Fitness Hack to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goal

Fitness goal is one of the most given up goals in the world. We all make a goal to workout daily and end up giving it up for various reason. There are very few people in the world who have achieved this goal. All thanks go to the distraction this beautiful world has set for us. We literally have to struggle to reach a simple on paper goal. We find it fairly hard to go to the gym on a daily basis and to try to eat all the healthy foods. The good news is achieving the fitness goal not impossible, it just requires more dedication than any other goals and needs extra care. There are few fitness hacks available in this world that makes it little easier for the most dedicated person to conquer the fitness goal he/she had set.

5 fitness hacks

5 Fitness Hacks for Everyone to Achieve the Fitness Goal

How About Starting a Day with Lemon?

The most simplest way of living a healthy life is by starting the day with some healthy drink. It is a good thing to develop a habit of consuming lemon water every day in the morning. This will help you stay motivated to stay fit also gives you the power you need for the day to stay active.


Start this habit of taking a glass of lukewarm water with some drop of lemon from tomorrow morning. This mixture of water and lemon is good for your immune system while increasing your digestive power.

Keep Your Workout Routine Dynamic

Doing same workout day in and day out could make it boring and often cause some general injuries. Changes are the real truth the why keeping your workout routine same for everyday.

So, instead of keeping a routine of the same exercise, you should keep your workout dynamic by trying new workouts on every alternatives day. This way your workout will stay fun, and you will find the urge to go to the gym almost every day.

Make a Workout Playlist

I’m sure most of you already know this hack. This hack is creating a playlist for your workout. This will boost your interest in the workout while listening to your favorite songs.

You compliment this hack; you can also make a playlist as long as you want to do any certain exercise. This will help you to finish any workout when the songs finish without getting to look at your watch again and again.

Open is Gym is Better than the Indoor Gym

By open gym, I mean the open field to workout like a garden or taking a run around the street. Sometimes change is better, and when it comes to nature journey, I think the latter one is better than the indoor.

I am no way discouraging you to cancel your gym subscription, all I mean to say is to take a break from your usual gym every once in a while and go for a nature gym.

A Ginger is for Over workout

ginger-for over workout freak

Some day we find our motivation limit in the sky and do some over workout wich latter cause pain in the muscle. If you ever do any over workout then don’t forget to take some raw ginger.

A recent study shows that even as small as just 2 gram on ginger can reduce muscle soreness by almost 25%.

At the end, all I want to say is never lose motivation. Without motivation, these hacks are nothing than just a 5 minutes read.

How to motivate yourself to concentrate of study

Not so long before, we shared an article about how to keep yourself motivated in your professional life. Here is a follow up to that article and this time we are sharing motivation mantra for students.

Being students, we often lose control over ourselves and lose motivation fully while studying. Apart from personal problems, not understanding the course material is one of the main issues that drag off the lack of motivation in us. Before setting your mind towards positive way, we want to make you understand why we often lose motivations in work or study-

Here we have listed some of the most talked about reasons behind losing motivation,

Waking up at late:


A person who habitually gets out of bed later than usual often faces a lot of problems right from the starting of the day. At first, if you are a late riser then you will have less time to the necessary things at morning. You will hurry a lot to complete your works, but it’s a well-known fact you have to postpone a lot of things, and it decreases your productivity to a big extent. So try to wake up at early and do a little bit of stretching at home. It helps a lot to get energies. Start your day like this and hopefully you will not be sleep deprived. Another point to be noted that late risers often experience frequent mood swings.

Start doing what you are good at:

Start studying the subjects you get interested and do well in each semester. Study the topics with maximum attentions. Try to finish the topics within the preset time frame. Once these are finished, take a walk around for 15 minutes and come back for the other subjects. Don’t study more than an hour at a stretch. Always take a walk around for 10-15 minutes in every hour.

Have a group study session with buddies:

Group discussion helps a lot. Some of us may have raised the eyebrows already but trust me it works. In a lot of occasions, it happens that your friend may be good at the subject you are damn weak or may be the vice versa. So, you both can make each other understand the topics well and can get out of the situation of weakness easily. Don’t be afraid to discuss with your study buddies. Start it and then you can see how easily you can overcome those weaknesses.

Don’t forget to Meditate:

Meditation for 30 minutes in a day helps a lot to reenergizes our body and mind. It erases fatigue and lethargies in a few minutes. Try it. For best result do it at night in a dark room. Now it has been scientifically proved that meditation magnifies the nerve impulses between synaptic ganglions. So don’t underestimate it.

Don’t mug up, have a pictorial approach:

Don’t just read like a machine, try to approach with images, it may be imaginary. This helps to recollect the things easily, so you don’t have to put a lot of pressures on your brains. Good Luck.

How to keep yourself motivated and efficient- An Experience worth of sharing

We often get stuck by the astronomical works into the middle of the day and postpone many things while finishing everything seems quite impossible. We are not built to work at a stretch because after all we have brains that need rest sometimes and we have muscles that require rest to become active further. So it’s sure that no one amongst us can’t do work 24*7. That’s why planning and maintaining the plans is important enough to hit the bull eyes of your target.

We are not professional though we have gained a lot of experiences by maintaining our plans in effect for three weeks seamlessly. We thought that sharing that could be the best thing because there is no theoretical knowledge after all. All the things we have discussed below are hard earned experiences and nothing else.


# A special note: Always prepare a task sheet a night before. Mention the “Must do” things and the timings for those. That’s all. But don’t list more than five things in the list.

Get up early and have a 15 minutes workout:

During sleep, our muscles also sleep. After waking up, 15 minutes stretching helps in blood circulation properly throughout the muscles. It rejuvenates our respiratory systems and hearts. You need not go out for that though we suggest going out because pure morning breeze enhances the experiences.

Start saying “NO”:

Say NO

Though many people would not agree on this that “NO” is a very powerful word that saves you from being tied up in some unnecessary things. So whenever you feel that you are not ready for doing something or making any commitments, have a look on the things lined up for you and check your “must to do” list, if you still think you can manage the things without compromising on quality then only say “YES” otherwise always say “NO”. Trust me it helps! Try it and let us know.

Have lemon tea/ citrus things:

Once you have done your 15 minutes workout take a cup of honey lemon tea and have a healthy breakfast which should include enough water and muesli for sure. Make sure that there are citrus elements for sure.

Maintain no Screen time before breakfast:

Don’t check any mail or something else before doing the breakfast. Being disconnected simply helps in thinking about the things coming up.

Always keep your workspace clean:

Don’t make the things like the coffee mug, pens, diaries, etc. messy. Remember, a clean workspace provides a mental boost up for starting the tasks assigned. And no one can deny the fact.

Avoid multitasking:

Though it’s an age of multitasking we still advice you not to do multitasking because it does not help in proper finishing at all. Always keep your tasks lined up and give a time boundary for those. Start doing things like this.

3 Sureshot Mantra to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Remember in the last article I had mentioned about your health being an important aspect if you want to change your life completely. We often hear terms like “health is wealth” or “take care of your body, it is the only place where you have to live in.” We as human high in the dream of success we often overlook our health. You may be success one day but what would that success do when you are not healthy to live that success.

Leaving healthy is not a rocket science. It is just your minor care for your body and health can long long way to improving your health dramatically. We are here compiling 3 sure shot mantras to live a long and healthy life.

1. Do Daily Exercise and Meditation

Daily Excercise helps your body to move thus helping it improving your life. Research shows that people who do daily exercise have more life span that people who don’t. There is also other benefits like high bone density, weight loss, and low risk of diseases. The key is to do exercise every day and doing full body exercise. Involving in sports also a good for of exercise.

Like exercise, meditation is also an important way of living a healthy life. If you want to know more about meditation, check out the embedded video below.

2. Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies

Fruits have natural vitamin and minerals which are a must for a healthy body. Eat lots of fruits every day. Some people think vitamin pills are the perfect alternative for fruits, but that is far from the truth. You will be amazed to know that an orange has more vitamin C than a vitamin C pills. Don’t make any excuse and just eat as much fruit as possible. Also, try to avoid frozen fruits we see in supermarkets.

Like fruits, veggies are also an important natural source of vitamins, fiber, minerals and lots other important things that your body need to perform well. Eating veggies can also help in reducing the risk of many diseases, the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and much more. So, get one more reason to add more veggies and fruits to your diet plan and live a healthy life.

3. Drink Enough Water and Get Enough Sleep

Our body requires water to function, and the water we drink is not enough to make up that. Our body looses a lot of water in the form of urine, breathing and sweating. Our body is made of 60% of water, and we should know how important water is for our body. Drinking enough water help better oxygen circulation, removing waste from our body and help us gain a healthy life. An average adult needs almost 2.7-3.7 liters of water everyday. So eat enough water everyday and make your body operation smooth.

Like drinking enough water, enough sleep is also important. You should take at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Try to be punctual with your sleep. Go to your bed at the right time and wake up in a right time. Sleep is important for the body to relieve all the stress you had all the day it also gives time to your body to heal your heart and blood vessels.

These are the 3 important mantras to live a long and healthy life. Aren’t they simple and easy to follow? Your comments really encourage us to write more, feel free to how your support in the comment area.

Small Practices to Change Your Life Forever

Life is unstoppable; even if we want to. Change is the real truth it is unavoidable. How hard you try, you can not stick to a specific time. In this ever changing life cycle, we have to train yourself to act according to in time, getting out of bad time and enter to the time that you feel comfortable. Change in life is the ultimate truth that will haunt you and challenge you the way you live. While talking about change it is also worth noting that change can enter in your life in any form, may a sudden death of somebody, a natural calamity, a crisis in your professional life. We can never see what is coming in our life, but we can surely know how to respond in those times.


Here are few things that you can do to change your life forever for better good.

Find Meaning of Your Life

Nothing better than knowing the purpose of your life. What makes you happy? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to become in your dream? Know your passion and act to achieve those things. Because without a real meaning, a real focus you will just spend your life aimlessly and eventually die with regrets.

See Dreams

As a child, we would always see dreams of becoming something when we grew up. We would always dream of that same thing but when we are adults we know hard those things are. We just forget to dream in the fear that we might never achieve those things. But a life without a dream is nothing. If we don’t dream something, we won’t become something. Just learn to dream, live your life in that dream.

Force Yourself to Make that Dream to Reality

Seeing a dream of becoming something won’t make you something unless we work on that dream. Set your goals to achieve those dreams. Your goals should be in three form, short-term, medium, and long-terms goals. Always know what to achieve first and what to second and act on that. Unless you set a goal, you will mess up with different things. Also, remember that goal is never permanent, your goal will change by times, always be ready for that. Life is not constant, and your goal should be constant. Always keep your goals flexible to reflect your changes in life.

Challenge Your Fear

This is basically getting out of your comfort zone by challenging your fears. As a human, we all have certain fear that preventing us from growing in life. Most common fear for many people is facing the crowd. It could be speaking in from a gathering, dealing with clients, fear of failure and most importantly fear of being alone. Until you overcome all these fears, success or growth will be one step behind you.

Take me as an example. I had a fear of speaking to mass. One day I woke up and decided to overcome this fear. I joined a local coaching for speaking and went on speaking in front a 100 people gathering. I was shaking, fumbling but I somehow managed to complete my debate. That was not a good speech, but that helped me to generate a confidence that I can speak in front of people. Always challenge your fear and act to overcome.

Health is Also Important

Imagine a scenario where you have changed your life completely; you are successful now, but you are no longer able to enjoy those successes as you are sick. This is another change that your family might face. Your success is nothing if you are no longer able to enjoy that success. Keeping yourself healthy is not a rocket science. Just follow certain diet rule every day, and you will have healthy and alive to enjoy your success.

These are very small practices to follow, but once you are up for these practices, your life will be changed completely forever.