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How to get out of lack of motivation changing daily lifestyle a bit

Motivation is a punch of positive feeling that pushes us to do something either for own profit or for someone else. But we often feel lack or motivations and start feeling negative towards doing something. If it’s happening with you also then it may shrink your creativities in your work spaces too. So we need […]

How to motivate yourself to concentrate of study

Not so long before, we shared an article about how to keep yourself motivated in your professional life. Here is a follow up to that article and this time we are sharing motivation mantra for students. Being students, we often lose control over ourselves and lose motivation fully while studying. Apart from personal problems, not […]

How to keep yourself motivated and efficient- An Experience worth of sharing

We often get stuck by the astronomical works into the middle of the day and postpone many things while finishing everything seems quite impossible. We are not built to work at a stretch because after all we have brains that need rest sometimes and we have muscles that require rest to become active further. So […]