Life Changing Tips

Small Practices to Change Your Life Forever

Life is unstoppable; even if we want to. Change is the real truth it is unavoidable. How hard you try, you can not stick to a specific time. In this ever changing life cycle, we have to train yourself to act according to in time, getting out of bad time and enter to the time that you feel comfortable. Change in life is the ultimate truth that will haunt you and challenge you the way you live. While talking about change it is also worth noting that change can enter in your life in any form, may a sudden death of somebody, a natural calamity, a crisis in your professional life. We can never see what is coming in our life, but we can surely know how to respond in those times.


Here are few things that you can do to change your life forever for better good.

Find Meaning of Your Life

Nothing better than knowing the purpose of your life. What makes you happy? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to become in your dream? Know your passion and act to achieve those things. Because without a real meaning, a real focus you will just spend your life aimlessly and eventually die with regrets.

See Dreams

As a child, we would always see dreams of becoming something when we grew up. We would always dream of that same thing but when we are adults we know hard those things are. We just forget to dream in the fear that we might never achieve those things. But a life without a dream is nothing. If we don’t dream something, we won’t become something. Just learn to dream, live your life in that dream.

Force Yourself to Make that Dream to Reality

Seeing a dream of becoming something won’t make you something unless we work on that dream. Set your goals to achieve those dreams. Your goals should be in three form, short-term, medium, and long-terms goals. Always know what to achieve first and what to second and act on that. Unless you set a goal, you will mess up with different things. Also, remember that goal is never permanent, your goal will change by times, always be ready for that. Life is not constant, and your goal should be constant. Always keep your goals flexible to reflect your changes in life.

Challenge Your Fear

This is basically getting out of your comfort zone by challenging your fears. As a human, we all have certain fear that preventing us from growing in life. Most common fear for many people is facing the crowd. It could be speaking in from a gathering, dealing with clients, fear of failure and most importantly fear of being alone. Until you overcome all these fears, success or growth will be one step behind you.

Take me as an example. I had a fear of speaking to mass. One day I woke up and decided to overcome this fear. I joined a local coaching for speaking and went on speaking in front a 100 people gathering. I was shaking, fumbling but I somehow managed to complete my debate. That was not a good speech, but that helped me to generate a confidence that I can speak in front of people. Always challenge your fear and act to overcome.

Health is Also Important

Imagine a scenario where you have changed your life completely; you are successful now, but you are no longer able to enjoy those successes as you are sick. This is another change that your family might face. Your success is nothing if you are no longer able to enjoy that success. Keeping yourself healthy is not a rocket science. Just follow certain diet rule every day, and you will have healthy and alive to enjoy your success.

These are very small practices to follow, but once you are up for these practices, your life will be changed completely forever.

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