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Why Sleep is Important?

We often poke our friends and family members for laziness and sleeping. Snoozing has a lot of benefits like upliftment of our moods and boosting cardiovascular system still we have many myths around sleeping. Let’s bust these myths and find out the positive things of getting snoozed.

We will find out the points which are proved sleeping as an important part of the daily life, and there is no harm if you sometimes sleep more than you actually require.

why sleep is important

Why is sleep important?

Quality Sleep Lowers Stress & Depression

Adequate sleep makes our day long stress drip down and recharges our mind and body. It rejuvenates our minds and every cell of our body. There is a clear straight line relation of sleep with depression. Lack of sleep can cause depression, and if you drive your cars daily to commute, then it’s dangerous enough because stress and depression are the two most killer reasons behind the highway accident.

Poor Sleep can trigger obesity

Poor sleep- it can be in the form of quality or quantity may trigger obesity, and this is the reason why people stress on quality of sleeping nowadays while earlier hours of the length of sleeping was the main parameter. Short sleep duration can make you fatty anytime if you don’t control it.

Good Sleep increases concentration & Productivity

sleep increase productivity

A good night sleep can increase your productivity and focus on the work tremendously. You might have the experience before. Short sleep can trigger similar fatigue which we experience due to alcohol intoxication. Poor sleep quality can lead you to impair brain functions while good sleep can push your brains to work with focus.

Poor Sleep Quality may trigger heart issues

Another dangerous issue that sometimes becomes lethal. A heart attack is one of the common things among the poor sleepers, and if you are a chain drinker, then the problem can be worse for you.

Type II Diabetes Risk

The poor sleeping pattern may cause type II diabetes in you. Though there are a lot of confusions, recently it has been medically proved that poor sleep affected glucose metabolism and related to the pre-diabetes symptoms in the youngsters.

Improved immune system

increase immune system

If you sleep more than 8 hours, then you can be three times stronger against the common cold than those who sleep less than 7 hours in a day. This is just a study while it’s a proven fact that sleeping boosts the immune system to an extent.

Excessive anything harms, sleeping is also same though the optimum sleeping time depends on sex, age, and environment. On an average, if you sleep 8 hours then you are the person who may not have to mess a lot with the above-mentioned issues.

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