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These Productivity Hacks Can Improve Your Productivity 100%

In today’s world, everyone is running towards maximizing efficiency. Uninterrupted research is pushing the limit of machines while we are trying to maintain our productivity by enhancing our physical limit and sharpening our mental skills.

We are extremely conscious about the environment around us, but it’s a proven fact that we take less care of our body and mind while these two are the sources of all. We are discussing the best productivity hacks that can be achieved easily if we try a little bit harder. These don’t need you to pull heavy stone but a dedicated mind. Let’s find out what these are-


Pomodoro technique

It’s an ancient way to increase efficiency on a particular task. For achieving this you need to do practice the particular task as many times as you can so that it becomes a habit and if you keep doing the same thing after a few days you will experience the change- you need less time to complete the task. Try it though it may sound weird.

Learn to say “no”

productivity hacks- learn to say NO

“If you want everyone happy then don’t be a leader, sell icecream instead”- always remember this powerful word by the Steve jobs and start saying “No”. Always set your priorities and always be ready to say “NO” when you come across by the tasks which are not important enough according to your priority checklist.

The two minute rule

Go with the two minute rule, though it’s called two minute rule, it’s not related to “2 minutes”. Let me explain it a little bit. If there is any task that can be done within five minutes then don’t postpone the task, always do these kinds of tasks immediately when you get these.

Listen to music

productivity hacks- listen to music

Music is a great treasure trove for finding a little comfort while tweaking with the tasks. It provides a great relief, and it refreshes our minds and keeps ourselves out of the “thought” junk.

Batch similar tasks

When you are about to schedule or rearrange you tasks always try to make some batches. Every batch should include the similar tasks so that when we get into any batch, we can complete all the related tasks at once.

Use the urgent task matrix

Always go with some matrixes where all the tasks are arranged according to the importance. Grab the important and easy tasks first and let the tasks be completed. Once you get the momentum and then move to the harder one. But don’t waste too much time on those which are relatively harder.

Try these old school methods which are still in use with a little bit makeover.

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