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How to get out of lack of motivation changing daily lifestyle a bit

Motivation is a punch of positive feeling that pushes us to do something either for own profit or for someone else. But we often feel lack or motivations and start feeling negative towards doing something. If it’s happening with you also then it may shrink your creativities in your work spaces too. So we need to get out of it immediately if we start feeling something like that.

Then the million dollar question comes….. How?

There are hundreds of ways out but it’s tough to say which will work for you efficiently. Depending upon the situation the ways to get rid of “lack of motivation” vary.

Let’s talk about some easy ways that are “all-in-one” and “easy-to-follow”.

get out of lack of motivation

Don’t awake late night:

Try to follow the rule of “early to bed and early to rise”. Keep your mobile switched off and have a pin-drop-silence sleep. Our body takes proper rest after the hectic day. Get up early, for the first week you may set the alarm but after that try to get up using your biological clock.

Have stretching:

If you are not a fond of jogging then you can try stretching at home and before doing that have a glass full of fresh lime water. It helps to remove toxic elements from your digestive system.

Include lots of protein in breakfast:



Have breakfast with sufficient protein. It helps to maintain energy level and drink a lot of water which maintains PH level in blood.

Take off after an half an hour of stretch work:

If you are at your office. Pull of eyes off from computer screen in every 30 minutes. If possible have a walk for 2-3 minutes around. It refreshes our eyes and mind too. But don’t engage in too much conversation in between, it will reverse the effect.

Read success stories:

When commuting read stories of successful people and stories that you love to read. Reading is a good habit that involves our brain to think something deeply and imagine the things. It ultimately helps in creativity.

Don’t manage your time, manage your energies:

Always manage your energies. Time management is an old school thing. Try to do the easy things at first at your work space. It helps to manage the other things easily. Routine out the things to do in the next day is a good habit. Try to opt it and schedule all the things accordingly. If you are working in a long term thing then set schedule of a week with ample of free time because we don’t know when we will hit with urgency.

Try these things and you will be relieved a lot which ultimately makes your mood high and full of energies.

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