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How to keep yourself motivated and efficient- An Experience worth of sharing

We often get stuck by the astronomical works into the middle of the day and postpone many things while finishing everything seems quite impossible. We are not built to work at a stretch because after all we have brains that need rest sometimes and we have muscles that require rest to become active further. So it’s sure that no one amongst us can’t do work 24*7. That’s why planning and maintaining the plans is important enough to hit the bull eyes of your target.

We are not professional though we have gained a lot of experiences by maintaining our plans in effect for three weeks seamlessly. We thought that sharing that could be the best thing because there is no theoretical knowledge after all. All the things we have discussed below are hard earned experiences and nothing else.


# A special note: Always prepare a task sheet a night before. Mention the “Must do” things and the timings for those. That’s all. But don’t list more than five things in the list.

Get up early and have a 15 minutes workout:

During sleep, our muscles also sleep. After waking up, 15 minutes stretching helps in blood circulation properly throughout the muscles. It rejuvenates our respiratory systems and hearts. You need not go out for that though we suggest going out because pure morning breeze enhances the experiences.

Start saying “NO”:

Say NO

Though many people would not agree on this that “NO” is a very powerful word that saves you from being tied up in some unnecessary things. So whenever you feel that you are not ready for doing something or making any commitments, have a look on the things lined up for you and check your “must to do” list, if you still think you can manage the things without compromising on quality then only say “YES” otherwise always say “NO”. Trust me it helps! Try it and let us know.

Have lemon tea/ citrus things:

Once you have done your 15 minutes workout take a cup of honey lemon tea and have a healthy breakfast which should include enough water and muesli for sure. Make sure that there are citrus elements for sure.

Maintain no Screen time before breakfast:

Don’t check any mail or something else before doing the breakfast. Being disconnected simply helps in thinking about the things coming up.

Always keep your workspace clean:

Don’t make the things like the coffee mug, pens, diaries, etc. messy. Remember, a clean workspace provides a mental boost up for starting the tasks assigned. And no one can deny the fact.

Avoid multitasking:

Though it’s an age of multitasking we still advice you not to do multitasking because it does not help in proper finishing at all. Always keep your tasks lined up and give a time boundary for those. Start doing things like this.

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