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How to Grow Your Baby’s IQ

Babies are the messenger of God. Environment makes a vital role in the development of a baby while growing gradually. Some simple things make babies smarter. Urban parents have been leaning towards different hand-on pieces of training like an abacus, but the bitter truth is that parents are still left with many options. These neither require training nor require any special thing to opt for.

Here we are gonna discuss some vital methods that have been proven as the most significant points for babies’ IQ development. What are these? Some forgotten techniques that our grandparents used to do!


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Chat him/ her up:

The first rule of interacting with babies is to start the conversation. As a parent you need to initiate the talk- the topic can be varied from the blanket to Teddy, anything. Remember one thing- bond with parents is always special as God makes it. Even from the first day baby starts interacting with the parent- it’s not always a word that matters, touches, smells, etc. are the very first things that make the bond between parents and babies. So you can start talking even while your babies can’t get response properly.

Start a conversation with sign language:

Babies can’t recognize your words while they can easily recognize your body languages. That’s why sign language conversation helps in starting a “both-end” conversation. Search “Baby sign language” online, and you will get ample of references. Don’t worry; these are very easy to follow.

Have a plenty of eye contact:

Always exchange eye contact with your babies. It improves his/ her confidence and develops the understanding ability of a situation. In current studies, it has been mentioned cleanly that nerve developments of babies start with touch and eye contact. So, don’t ignore it.

Give your babies some personal times: Don’t take your baby on your lap always. Let him/ her explore something new every day. Always give a fair attention what your baby is doing but don’t let him/ her know that you are always guarding him/ her.

Read and write together:

read and write together with your baby

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The next step of any child is education, and like everything, it also starts at home. You have to find some times for your child so that you both can have a brilliant session together. Start writing “A, B, C….” with your child and make him/ her feel stronger. It inspires too. It helps improving eye hand coordination and attention towards something. Down the line, it shapes your ability to think critically.

Try these old-fashioned yet efficient methods and let us know what your take on this write up is.

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