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How to motivate yourself to concentrate of study

Not so long before, we shared an article about how to keep yourself motivated in your professional life. Here is a follow up to that article and this time we are sharing motivation mantra for students.

Being students, we often lose control over ourselves and lose motivation fully while studying. Apart from personal problems, not understanding the course material is one of the main issues that drag off the lack of motivation in us. Before setting your mind towards positive way, we want to make you understand why we often lose motivations in work or study-

Here we have listed some of the most talked about reasons behind losing motivation,

Waking up at late:


A person who habitually gets out of bed later than usual often faces a lot of problems right from the starting of the day. At first, if you are a late riser then you will have less time to the necessary things at morning. You will hurry a lot to complete your works, but it’s a well-known fact you have to postpone a lot of things, and it decreases your productivity to a big extent. So try to wake up at early and do a little bit of stretching at home. It helps a lot to get energies. Start your day like this and hopefully you will not be sleep deprived. Another point to be noted that late risers often experience frequent mood swings.

Start doing what you are good at:

Start studying the subjects you get interested and do well in each semester. Study the topics with maximum attentions. Try to finish the topics within the preset time frame. Once these are finished, take a walk around for 15 minutes and come back for the other subjects. Don’t study more than an hour at a stretch. Always take a walk around for 10-15 minutes in every hour.

Have a group study session with buddies:

Group discussion helps a lot. Some of us may have raised the eyebrows already but trust me it works. In a lot of occasions, it happens that your friend may be good at the subject you are damn weak or may be the vice versa. So, you both can make each other understand the topics well and can get out of the situation of weakness easily. Don’t be afraid to discuss with your study buddies. Start it and then you can see how easily you can overcome those weaknesses.

Don’t forget to Meditate:

Meditation for 30 minutes in a day helps a lot to reenergizes our body and mind. It erases fatigue and lethargies in a few minutes. Try it. For best result do it at night in a dark room. Now it has been scientifically proved that meditation magnifies the nerve impulses between synaptic ganglions. So don’t underestimate it.

Don’t mug up, have a pictorial approach:

Don’t just read like a machine, try to approach with images, it may be imaginary. This helps to recollect the things easily, so you don’t have to put a lot of pressures on your brains. Good Luck.

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